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[A-new-teacher-is-taught-by-her-class.]-Chances are, there’s a mom in your life. Whether she's the woman who raised you (even through those rebellious teen years), the person who has simply always given you a mother's love , or someone who’s new to the whole parenting thing , she deserves the very best. And that’s where the perfect gift (not to mention an equally great card ) comes in, to help her celebrate her birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or just because. But finding a special gift for mom can be tough, especially when she’ll never tell you exactly what she wants, or says she already has everything—which is why we’ve rounded up a variety of thoughtful and unique gifts for mom that are bound to make her smile. Think: A personalized portrait of her favorite (four-legged) family member, custom jewelry that’s ideal for a mother-daughter present , a pampering foot massager that mom (and, yes, dad) will enjoy, wine from a company started by two doting sons, and several Amazon bestsellers (pro tip: these are great for last-minute gifts ). Not the super sentimental type? There are also tons of small, useful gifts for mom, like a bespoke candle , a gravity blanket , and the most comfortable slippers (all of which, by the way, work equally great if you need to buy something for a particularly picky mom) that'll become part of her everyday routine. Ahead, we've compiled 65 glorious gifts for mom—with some picks from Oprah herself —that will show her just how much you care.-Far too little vote fraud to tip election to Trump, AP finds —  ATLANTA (AP) — An Associated Press review of every potential case of voter fraud in the six battleground states disputed by former President Donald Trump has found fewer than 475 — a number that would have made no difference in the 2020 presidential election.

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