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[A-new-story-about-two-sisters.]-The crew cater a gay wedding reception, though Valhalla Catering shows up, led by Uda Bengt ( Kristen Bell ), and take over. Uda instructs the Party Down team to organize the food on different colored trays due to some of guests being allergic to some of the foods. Ron begins to fall apart, leaving Henry to take charge. Roman is tasked by Uda to point to a sign that points guests to the restroom. When a member of the Valhalla Catering team is injured, Kyle takes his position, and tries talking to Mr. Stennheiser, who is a film producer. After saying he'll do anything, he gets an offer from another producer to star in a film about BASE jumping . Roman meets George Takei and asks him questions about Star Trek and Mr. Takei accidentally eats food from a wrong colored tray, a mistake by the Party Down team. Casey tells Henry that she's taking a job as a comedian on a cruise ship for six months and believes he should be with someone better. Alan Duk ( Ken Jeong ) shows up and tells Ron he'll purchase one of his "Soup 'R Crackers" which Ron will run. Mr. Duk then offers Henry the team leader position, which he accepts. At the end of the night, Uda asks Henry out.-I work part time at a local grocery store in our thriving little town, while attending my first year at a university in a larger city. My friendship with Mary-Louise, a divorced mother of one teenage daughter, blossomed over the past year. We were 17 years apart in age, yet we could share our most intimate, sensual desires with each other. We flirted and often stole little kisses and, to my surprise; she enjoyed rubbing her lovely little ass against my crotch anytime the occasion presented itself. However, I never dreamed that our friendship would extend much beyond the shop floor. It heightened my astonishment when Mary-Louise asked me over for dinner to meet her older sister, Jessie, and her 18-year-old daughter, Ashley. It was a warm fall evening. The stars were twinkling, and the moon was shining as I walked up the sidewalk to the front entrance of her apartment building. I hit the buzzer. Seconds later, she announced that she'd be right down. While I waited for her, I took a quick look around the area, noticing that her apartment building was in a nice, quiet neighbourhood. "Hi Glen, please come on in." My heart fluttered as Mary-Louise tossed her dark, wavy hair and smiled. She has a lip - smacking medium-sized body and stands about 5`6" tall and weighs 115 pounds. She wore a scarlet off-the-shoulder mini dress with a floral print. Her perfume was exquisite and delicately fresh. She took my hand, leading me up the stairs to her apartment, then to the sofa. "Have a seat, Glen. Ashley and Jessie will be out in a minute." Mary-Louise's nickel size areolas and her nipples caught my attention; thanks to a lamp next to the sofa, I could see the shape of her petite hips and her inner thighs through the sheer, silky fabric of her dress. I also saw that she wasn't wearing panties, and that she had a thick black bush. I developed a carnal, mind-blowing crush on her. "Excuse me, I have to put something in the oven. Dinner will be ready in an hour." While Mary-Louise went

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