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[A-lust-murder-of-a-classy-doctor.]-__label__2 Stuning even for the non-gamer: This sound track was beautiful! It paints the senery in your mind so well I would recomend it even to people who hate vid. game music! I have played the game Chrono Cross but out of all of the games I have ever played it has the best music! It backs away from crude keyboarding and takes a fresher step with grate guitars and soulful orchestras. It would impress anyone who cares to listen! ^_^ __label__2 The best soundtrack ever to anything.: I'm reading a lot of reviews saying that this is the best 'game soundtrack' and I figured that I'd write a review to disagree a bit. This in my opinino is Yasunori Mitsuda's ultimate masterpiece. The music is timeless and I'm been listening to it for years now and its beauty simply refuses to fade.The price tag on this is pretty staggering I must say, but if you are going to buy any cd for this much money, this is the only one that I feel would be worth every penny. __label__2 Amazing!: This soundtrack is my favorite music of all time, hands down. The intense sadness of "Prisoners of Fate" (which means all the more if you've played the game) and the hope in "A Distant Promise" and "Girl who Stole the Star" have been an important inspiration to me personally throughout my teen years. The higher energy tracks like "Chrono Cross ~ Time's Scar~", "Time of the Dreamwatch", and "Chronomantique" (indefinably remeniscent of Chrono Trigger) are all absolutely superb as well.This soundtrack is amazing music, probably the best of this composer's work (I haven't heard the Xenogears soundtrack, so I can't say for sure), and even if you've never played the game, it would be worth twice the price to buy it.I wish I could give it 6 stars. __label__2 Excellent Soundtrack: I truly like this soundtrack and I enjoy video game music. I have played this game and most of the music on here I enjoy and it's truly relaxing and peaceful.On disk one. my favorites are Scars Of Time, Between Life and Death, Forest Of-The night before Simon's Ascension, he snuck out of the Academy with Clary and Portaled back to New York. Simon found his way back to the apartment he shared with Jordan where Isabelle found him. They went back to Magnus' deserted apartment , where she reassured Simon that she knew he would survive his Ascension, but backing out wouldn't make him a coward or any less the hero she knew him to be. The couple then slept together and spent the rest of the night together, before Simon made his way back to the Academy the next morning. Along with the others, Isabelle went to the Council Hall to watch Simon's Ascension. When Simon regained his memories during the ritual, his memories came flooding back, and most of it had been filled with moments with Isabelle. Later, Isabelle went to the London Institute with Simon the grave of his roommate, George Lovelace . [15]

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