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[A-kitten-leads-to-forbidden-pleasure.]-The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol issued a subpoena for former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, a central figure in the former president's failed bid to overturn the 2020 election. In addition to Giuliani, the committee issued subpoenas to two other attorneys who pushed election fraud conspiracies on Trump's behalf: Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell. CNN's Jake Tapper, Paula Reid and Laura Coates discuss. Source: CNN-Shortly after discovering that she is pregnant, Sinead is diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer and she keeps quiet but tells Daniel's dad Ken Barlow ( William Roache ) after he finds her at the hospital and persuades him not to tell Daniel. Sinead collapses and Ken is forced to tell Daniel and he did not forgive him at first but Ken's son Peter Barlow ( Chris Gascoyne ) talks Daniel round. Sinead decides to undergo chemotherapy at the end of her first trimester, instead of starting aggressive radiotherapy which would require her to terminate her pregnancy. Sinead is later told that her cancer has not responded to the treatment, and that she requires an emergency caesarean section in order to save the baby and allow her to change to a different treatment. Shortly after he is born prematurely, the baby contracts an infection. After he recovers, Daniel and Sinead decide to name him Bertie, after Albert Tatlock ( Jack Howarth ). [11] A couple of months after his birth, Bertie is discharged from the hospital. Under pressure from Sinead's family, Daniel agrees to have Bertie christened . Sinead and Daniel choose three godparents for Bertie, they choose Beth, Sinead's ex-fiancé Chesney Brown ( Sam Aston ) and Ken's adoptive daughter, Tracy McDonald ( Kate Ford ).

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