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[A-couple-finds-love.]-"I wanted to tell the story of their lives - what they had left behind, their ambition, the cost at which they succeeded and their loves and loss. I wasn't looking to create either heroes or victims, just to capture the city of hope and possibility that was Singapore in that era and what a melting pot it must have been." She adds: "I think at the core of immigration, there remain the same hard truths, irrespective of the time period - a desire to put down roots, to surround yourself with friends like family, to eventually build a family and a life and to be accepted and assimilated." Aroozoo, a Lasalle College of the Arts lecturer, seeks to shine a spotlight on immigrants whose stories may diverge from the national narrative of achieving better lives through resilience. "There can be more diversity and empathy for those who either met with sadder circumstances or could not extricate themselves from their past," he says, adding that such stories still exist in the present. "I wish to bridge this gap and acknowledge that there were exploited people with dark stories that are part of our history." Another absence he seeks to highlight in his novel is that of the tigers of Singapore's forests. Once feared predators, they were wiped out by hunters by 1930. Aroozoo started his novel in 2017 and did not plan for it to be published just before the Year of the Tiger. "Perhaps this year, we can take a moment to remember the vibrant wildlife Singapore once had and be mindful to conserve what we have left, so that we don't lose more." • The Punkhawala And The Prostitute and Kopi, Puffs And Dreams (both $26.64) are available at Books Kinokuniya-In Singapore, licensed prostitutes offer sex from brothels in official red-light areas; others ply the streets or work with escort agencies or vice rings – all in breach of laws Women come from nearby countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and China, often on tourists visas. It’s a set-up ripe for exploitation, some say

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