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[XOhF-DGSU]-I had my CCW renewal course today. L&L is a great company to get your CCW or Renewal. Gary, Connie and their other instructor were all very good. They are very professional and had a lot of good instructions and picked up new techniques that I had not received from my previous CCW class. They are very clear with their instructions and kept the class safe and moving along. They were very helpful with the less experienced shooters as well which made the rest of us feel safer. I highly recommend L&L for CCW or renewal.Just a tip for newbies. Please spend time with your weapon and get VERY familiar with it and have some range time before coming to the CCW class. Otherwise this uses up quite a bit of time from the instructors and ties upand slows down the class.The instructors and well as your fellow shooters will greatly appreciate it and will give them peace of mind that you are competent with your gun. May 9, 2021-In the 1947 film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” an angel named Clarence helps a despondent man see the positive impact he had on many people’s lives. For 97-year-old Rose Sleigh, her angel is named Joshua. Back in 1976, Joshua Lazerson was a student in Sleigh’s Advanced Placement English class at Torrey Pines High School. She fostered in him a love for writing and reading, and when his stepfather died unexpectedly, she was a great source of comfort to him and his mother. Today, she’s like a second mother to Lazerson and a “bonus grandmother” to his 21-year-old son, Aris. Earlier this year, Lazerson discovered that Sleigh’s growing medical expenses are fast depleting her savings and she faces losing her room at a board-and-care home in Carlsbad. Two months ago, he launched a GoFundMe campaign and reached out to the alumni associations at the schools where Sleigh taught during her 40-year career, assuming that she had as big an impact on other students’ lives as she had on his. He was right. Since Oct. 9, 143 people — most of them Sleigh’s former students at Torrey Pines and San Dieguito high schools — have donated nearly $30,000. But even more special to Sleigh are the written tributes that have arrived with many of the donations. “I’m just amazed by all this,” she said. “I’m overwhelmed.” Many donors — some of them now teachers and professional writers, like Lazerson — credited Sleigh with their career success, while also describing her caring nature, unorthodox teaching methods and sometimes eccentric classroom behavior. English teacher Rose Sleigh seen teaching a class in the mid-1970s at Torrey Pines High School. The student in the photo is unidentified. (Courtesy photo) Lazerson said Sleigh was the teacher who wore fuzzy pink bedroom slippers in class, brought her dogs to school, stood on tables to make a point and required students to hang from the classroom rafters while delivering their thesis statements (to prove the paragraphs “supported” their argument). She was

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