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[JTBXT-PUNV]-The Other Side August 21st, 2016 at2:50 AM All of these comments seem to be coming from women so I thought I’d offer the other perspective. My wife has told me that she wants to leave me after 7 years of marriage and 12 together, with two children, 4 and 6. I was completely surprised, although I knew she was unhappy and had been for some time. I tried to broach the subject with her in the last couple of years – that I didn’t feel she loves me and that I didn’t feel she had any real desire for me (although we went through the motions of sex once a week and she seemed physically satisfied, albeit everything around the actual act seemed empty to me – I commented on that as well and got spurned vis-a-vis any real conversation). She says she doesn’t love me anymore and doesn’t want to stay with me. We went through a really rough period with a lot of stress for both sides and I crossed her verbal red lines and acted angry and frustrated – largely because I was angry and frustrated at what I saw as her lack of cooperation, lack of empathy for my situation and lack of effort to address the things that were important to me. I now see what mistake this all was and that I didn’t need to change her and especially not in the way I was trying to do, but it’s too late. The rough period passed but her love had died and she went through the motions for two years, all the while with low-level conflict around as I struggled with her without understanding where she was, before getting to this point. She went to therapy and got strong and now she is totally in control of the situation, while I am still madly in love with her, eager to show her that I can change and become the person and partner she wants next to her and the children and desperate to gain the time to do so. But she wants to continue with the process.So I say to all of you – look carefully at the person next to you. I hear here about a mix of husbands who sound like real trash (the wife abusers) and others who sound like -No. The text of news articles will match in both formats, but other content can be different. For example, the digital website format does not include many print features, including weather pages, sports tables, stock prices and advertising, including paid obituaries. Articles on the website that were published between 1985 and 2000 often do not include photos, maps or other content that appeared alongside them in print. After 2000, this content began to appear more often in digital versions and increasing numbers of articles, extra photos and other content were published only online.Also, the Times website does not have rights to certain freelance articles, book excerpts and opinion essays, most of these published during the 1980s and 1990s. These will only be found in the print versions at newspapers.com .

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