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[ECWLF-NOWB]-V&A Museum You Say You Want a Revolution? : Lisa Savage from Savage Archive had these kind words to say about our service... An Archive Producer needs 3 things - great archive, great price and a great team - the answer to all of these is the Kino Library. The girls have helped me on a few of my projects and they have been absolutely amazing. Their archive had the perfect content I needed for the Rolling Stones Exhibition and now they have hit gold for another project I am working on for the V&A. They don’t stop when you do but are always on the look out for new material and then out of the blue an email hits your InBox, ‘hey, I’ve found this shot I thought you might need’. Serena and Jenny have a passion for archive and for their clients which very clearly shines through. They are, and I am sure will continue to be, one of my archive faves.-Practice these methods to keep the art of conversation alive! Only a teacher can truly know the joy of walking into a classroom and seeing a group of cherubic faces smiling up at you, eager to learn, hanging on your every word, and never interrupting. Yeah, right. If you’re a teacher, you know this Utopia is far from reality.The truth is that listening and speaking are skills that don’t always come naturally to kids. Why do Kids Struggle with Effective Communication? There are many factors. For example, look around at a group of teens and you’ll usually see them on their phones. Sometimes they are, astoundingly, texting their friends that are in the same room! They are more comfortable texting and using technology than speaking face to face. According to the New York Times 1 This figure goes up to 11 hours for older students, so it’s really no surprise our students’ communication skills are lacking Sometimes kids have few adult role models to show them how to be good listeners and have productive, healthy conversations. Many students have speech or other communication disorders that may impede their ability to speak and listen well.  As teachers, we have an excellent opportunity to teach these skills to our students! How to Foster Students’ Communication Skills How can you incorporate teaching, speaking, and listening while still having time to get in everything else you have to teach? Read on for some great tips to help your students become fabulous communicators! Teach Kids Empathy When you’re teaching students to communicate, it’s essential for them to develop empathy and a sense of what the other person is thinking and feeling. For some students, we must teach this explicitly. When students start to see that their viewpoint isn’t the only one, they become better listeners, and tend to speak more respectfully to others. Teach Conversation Skills Explicitly teach how to have good conversations. All the activities in the world won’t help students develop skills the

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