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[16716-LELXVF]-PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Construction continues on the new access point for the Cholla trailhead at Camelback Mountain, despite objections from residents who live there. The construction for the new access trail is on Invergordon Road, just off of Camelback Road. You have the Phoenician golf course on one side, and directly on the other side of the new access point are residential homes. Those residents are concerned about security and parking and feel the City hasn't given them enough say in this. Gene and Janie Morrison built their home just off Camelback Mountain in 2002 — they couldn't beat the desert views and privacy. But now, they said that will change. “Access to the trail starts there, and right where you see that fence is where the trail would be,” pointed Gene. New access point for Cholla trail to reduce foot traffic in neighborhood It’s been closed since March 2020 for maintenance and safety reasons after a hiker got hurt by a loose boulder. The new Cholla trailhead access point to Camelback Mountain is directly behind their backyard off Invergordon Road. “Would you want somebody hiking 80 feet from your backyard? No,” said Gene. “There’s no barriers between us and the trailhead, so that is an issue, no question.” The Morrison’s are one of four families who live in the Los Palacios neighborhood that sent a letter to the Phoenix City Council asking them to review this re-location due to several issues. They said there are security concerns and what they believe will be a parking fiasco between homes, the resort, and condos all off Invergordon Road — and thousands of hikers there weekly. “The only parking is from this area to this area which is about 25 parking spots only,” said Gene. The Morrison’s feel the City hasn't included them in any input and hasn't kept their neighborhood up to date with development. The new Cholla trailhead access point to Camelback Mountain is directly behind their backyard off Invergordon Road. (Source: 3TV/CBS 5) “We’ve been tryi-The dignified and docile Persian is known for being quiet and sweet. She is an ornament to any home where she can enjoy sitting in a lap—surely her rightful place—being petted by those who are discerning enough to recognize her superior qualities, and playing house with kind children who will gently comb her hair, wheel her around in a baby buggy, then serve her tea at their parties. Persians are affectionate but discriminating . They reserve their attention for family members and those few guests whom they feel they can trust. Loud environments aren’t a Persian’s style; they are sedate cats who prefer a serene home where little changes from day to day. With large, expressive eyes and a voice that has been described as soft, pleasant and musical, Persians let their simple needs be known: regular meals, a little playtime with a catnip mouse or feather teaser, and lots of love, which they return tenfold. This is one cat who is unlikely to climb up your curtains, jump on your kitchen counters, or perch on top of your refrigerator. She is perfectly happy to rule her domain from the floor or more accessible pieces of furniture. When you are at work or are busy around the house, the Persian is content to adorn a chair, sofa or bed until you are free to admire her and give her the attention she willingly receives but never demands.

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